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uniquely you

Your business is unique and deserves a tailored solution. We start with the effort to customize, because one size does NOT fit all. Huge, generic models won’t do. Our technology lets us tailor every aspect of the AI to meet your specific needs and objectives. We say goodbye to mass-trained AIs that everyone else is using. Instead, we work together and launch an AI that does exactly what you need it to do.


AI the simplest way

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Open Source

We've released portions of our technology into the open source community for comment and review. Access the GitHub repository to learn more about the technical details.

AI the simplest way


Solving problems in the studio requires gathering good resources and then trial and error. It’s like old cartographers who wanted to map the world. They had ships, explorers, and maybe old maps with sea monsters standing in for uncharted territories. They needed to keep combining their resources until they found the mix that achieved the vision. The studio model requires building the way through. It’s a development-led process and one that must be controlled by the craftsmen– the people that actually make things.

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We've used studio model to launch global artificial intelligence centers of excellence. The metrics shown are some of the performance milestones.

new data scientists, AI developers and engineers


artificial intelligence projects successfully launched


weeks from scoping an idea to the first release



AI the simplest way

from idea to scale

We understand that not all ideas start off as winners. That's why we take projects through a process of crawl, walk, and run. First, we crawl by developing prototypes. By experimenting with various ideas and concepts, we determine what's truly worth pursuing. Then, we walk. We take the prototypes that have proven their worth and refine them into production versions. Finally, we run. We take what's already in production and scale it.

studio work

Rapid Problem Exploration (RPE)

RPE is how we eliminate wasted time and resources on projects that might not even work. We identify the actual problems and determine potential viable solutions. We focus on identifying key problems and creating rapid prototypes. With a condensed timeline, typically just 2 weeks, we explore an idea, determine if it addresses a genuine issue, and asses its potential for success. With each project, we explore ideas and test their feasibility to figure out if they align with our vision. These projects may be short in duration but they hold immense value in helping us identify the actual problems we want to take on.


In the sprint phase, we put our energy into building out production releases. Because each release runs on the AI Utility (powered by PhysarAI), we have the agility to maintain a typical timeframe of just 4 weeks for each sprint. It’s during these sprints that the focus is placed on transforming our successful prototypes into production-quality versions. These short bursts of concentrated effort allow us to focus on building out production-quality versions of the projects that have successfully passed prototype. This phase is where we invest in the creation of production product releases.


In scale, we elevate what’s already successful into something even greater. Instead of starting big or trying to scale from the very beginning, we take something that is already successfully running in production and add stability and scale. We channel our efforts into areas that truly deserve to be scaled. It involves thoughtful evaluation of which aspects are most deserving of scaling. We prioritize areas with the most potential for impact and eliminate the wasted effort of scaling prematurely.

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AI the simplest way

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our AI playbook

We've published our best practices in a report and made it available for you to download. In this report, we introduce you to the simplest way to actively engage in applying AI. We help you put your organization on the path to a viable, effective use of AI.

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