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An Origin Story

I never anticipated founding a company of my own. And yet, I did just that alongside Jerry Overton in 2021. Jerry had been challenged by DXC’s then CEO to upskill 100 high-performing employees and recent college undergraduates. We partnered with Drexel University to give the 100 employees updated academic foundations, while Jerry and I mentored them in AI project delivery excellence. The program was an amazing success. Standing on the field of Lincoln Stadium and watching all 100 receive their diplomas is a warm memory I’ll never forget.

We launched AI projects in hospitality, retail, sports & entertainment, banking & finance, and philanthropy. However, pandemic uncertainty and leadership changes meant our mission had to change and the program with Drexel University couldn’t continue. A passion for delivering human-centered AI had been ignited in both Jerry and me, though. We couldn’t let what we had learned and built together go, and in December of 2020 I proposed we start our own business to keep building and delivering human-centered AI. Jerry, obviously, agreed and in 2021 we founded the appliedAIstudio.

Logan Wilt

Chief Operating Officer, Co-Founder

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