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The appliedAIstuido is helping build a home like no other. HighcliffAI is designed to run networks of intelligent devices that look after you. This network includes participants like smart thermostats, smart bulbs, motion sensors, cameras, and messaging applications. Take laundry day, for example. Given the goal of keeping up with the laundry, HighcliffAI can monitor the wash schedule, make authorized starts of smart appliances and update the wash schedule as cycles are completed.

If your smartwatch suggest that your body temperature is too high, HighcliffAI can take the initiative to lower the room temperature and alert healthcare providers that there may be a problem. We believe that no one should have to leave their home for health reasons. The vision is to launch a network of hi-tech sensors, devices, and actuators, all controlled by a central artificial intelligence. The goal is to make sure that a safe, supportive home stays available to anyone with disability.