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How it Works

We start with conversations. After we understand you better, we help select a project to meet your goals. We build a business case and proposal for the cost of a team.  You fund the team. We build the team. We manage the project’s launch and the team’s transition into your organization.

1. Select A Project

We help you to figure out where AI can best help. We create a clear scope and business case. We help you explain the investment and expected return to the rest of your organization.

2. Fund A Team

You fund a full-stack applied AI team. The cost depends on the team’s size. A typical team size is 5: UX, Application Development, Data Science, Data Engineering, and Infrastructure Engineering.

3. Build A Team

We build your team from partner-university students. We award selected students with tuition and participation in the program. You're given the option to hire the team after the program's completion.

4. Launch Real AI

We manage the team through the launch of your industrial-scale AI application. Applications run on enterprise infrastructure, integrate with enterprise systems, and interface with enterprise users.