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you: how do we start?

us: we just did, let's talk in detail

the appliedAIstudio

We build your high-functioning artificial intelligence team. We manage the production launch of your AI.

Human-Centered AI

You have to pick an AI project to get started. You could pick something to optimize or someone to replace. But what if you ask how smart machines can make life better?

What Sets Us Apart

The most innovative places tend to be equal parts art studio, classroom, garage and coffee shop. That's the appliedAIstudio. We've combined the energy and optimism of a university with the focus and productivity of a company. We provide the environment needed to turn individuals into teams capable of launching AI moonshots. If AI innovations are golden eggs, think of the appliedAIstudio as an incubator for golden geese. Most companies believe that AI leadership is out of reach— it's not.

Meet the Founders

How it works

You fund a company-specific AI project. We build your team from university talent. We manage the launch of your production AI system.

we help companies grow


graduate-level AI professionals produced


enterprise AI moonshots launched


new open-source AI releases

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