You'll build AI talent with

greater expertise, longer commitment, and lower cost



Per employee

Per year

for 2 years

AI Departments



Per employee

Per year

for 2 years

+ up to

45% CAGR

Per year

lost to delay

AI Departments

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is your future

It's growing at over 40% CAGR
"Only 10,000 worldwide are capable of serious AI"

You're told AI is out of reach

It's Not
"You must be near (and compete for) Silicon Valley talent"
AI talent is everywhere
You can build high-performing AI teams

You'll pick meaningful missions and

challenge your teams to launch real innovation

AI talent is 


our AI talent has come from Manila, Mexico City, Lilongwe, New Orleans, Bangalore

We'll organize your talent into high-functioning communities that believe in the mission.

You'll oversee real AI innovation

your moonshot

launches the first week

studio mentors

keep your moonshot on target

progress is visible with

regular releases

innovations improve

over the entire program

getting started


+1 123 456-7890

Most companies believe that AI leadership is out of reach. It’s not.

you: how does this work?

us: we'll listen to what you need and propose options that work for you.

you: sounds great. when do we start?

us: we just did. let's talk in detail...


You sponsor employees for

2 Years

You'll give selected employees...

New Knowledge

The chance to earn AI degrees from partner universities

New Missions

The mandate to launch real AI innovation

New Organizations

3-year commitment (post-graduation) to an AI center of excellence

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