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the founders

We started with the mission of creating a 100-person strong artificial intelligence center of excellence. We partnered with Drexel University to give 100 employees a solid foundation in applied AI. We ended up founding the appliedAIstudio– a launch pad for transformational human-centered AI.

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the studio

The traditional worldview for an AI company is that of a factory. Discover something that people are willing to buy and build a machine (a money machine) for serving that market as cheaply as possible. Having money is fantastic. Having a money machine is even better, but that isn't the appliedAIstudio’s primary goal. The Studio’s goal is to help people through the application of human-centered AI. This company is about what happens when you create a startup with human-centered application as your vision and the studio (rather than the factory) as the worldview.

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AI can help us make the best possible use of the resources we already have. AI is especially useful for Intelligent planning and helping move resources to people and places where they're needed most. For example, 25% of our food goes to waste. We're using AI to anticipate that waste, rescue the food and feed those in need.


AI can make the physical world more helpful. Imagine a network of people and devices actively looking out for you. We call it ambient assistive computing. Most of us want to remain at home as we age, for example. We're using AI to make home a safer, more supportive environment for those with disabilities or those aging in place.


AI can help make the digital world less chaotic. We think of it as lowering the entropy of your digital environment. For example, we believe that a significant part of our time is wasted in trying to manage chaotic information. We're using AI to reduce that chaos and remove creative barriers for digital workers.


applied AI

Discover what you could be doing with AI

Imagine having more time focus on what truly matters – creativity, innovation, and strategic thinking.

Forget about the elusive pursuit of building an artificial general intelligence - we have something even better. Our general purpose AI is like an intelligent Swiss army knife, capable of achieving a wide range of goals. What sets us apart is our commitment to integrating this powerful technology into your business in a way that empowers and enhances your team, rather than replacing them.


We've created an artificial intelligence inspired by slime. Physarum is a slime mold capable of goal-seeking behavior. This simple organism plans, adapts, and remembers without the benefit of a brain. It repeats lots of simple instinctual reactions–simple rules–until goal-seeking behavior emerges.

our story

We believe that when AI is human-centered, when it’s used to augment people and make their lives better, it’s a powerful force for good. The appliedAIstudio was founded to make that type of AI a reality. Our generalizable goal-oriented framework allows us to tackle a myriad of different problems facing people, whether it be hunger, remaining at home while aging or with disabilities, or something else. When there is a problem that applying AI can improve, there’s a chance for us to make an impact. 

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