Launch Real AI

We show them how to launch real AI innovation. We've combined the energy and optimism of a university with the focus and  productivity of a company.

the appliedAIstudio

The most innovative places tend to be equal parts art studio, classroom, garage and coffee shop. That's the appliedAIstudio. We provide the environment needed to turn individuals into teams capable of launching AI moonshots. If AI innovations are golden eggs, think of the appliedAIstudio as an incubator for golden geese.

Build Teams

We build your AI team from existing employees and university graduates. We take them through customized masters degrees in applied artificial intelligence.

to machines that learn

We're now building machines that can learn and think on their own. Just like with the industrial revolution, the companies that thrive will be the ones that can build around these new machines.

From machines that move

We are at the beginning of an artificial intelligence revolution. The industrial revolution happened when we began building machines that could move on their own. It transformed our economy.


It's a mistake to fixate on any particular AI product. You want the capacity to innovate. The AI you need evolves over time and you need a group that can evolve with it.


To innovate with AI, you want a diverse group of people that can work together, take on new things, and change the mission in progress. You want a team.


Small shops are better innovators than factories. Productive innovation is a niche skill that requires improv. Because we know so little at the onset, we have to adapt and learn as we go.


The AI software you need evolves over time and you need a group that can evolve with it. We build your company the small shop it needs to keep the AI team productive.

You Need A Team


Max (my AI experiment) is our own AI moonshot to run the appliedAIstudio with an AI executive assistant. You'll meet Max when you come in for a tour, send us an email or give us a call. Try out his personality and let us know what you think.

Better Lives

The appliedAIstudio is committed to causes like helping Dr. Scott-Morgan thrive. We incubate AI to drive his wheelchair, allow him to speak in his own voice, monitor his health and help him create original works of art.

AI Moonshots

If you're going to take on AI, it's better to reach for the moon than low-hanging fruit. AI moonshots inspire us to make it through the long haul. With low-hanging fruit scope change kills the mission, but with a moonshot, there's room to pivot.

Human-Centric AI

You have to pick an AI project to get started. You could just pick something to optimize or someone to replace. If you ask us, we'll tell you to take a human-centric approach. Take a look at the people around you and ask how smart machines can make life better. What if you made something simpler to use or found a way to compliment the workforce?

Global Experience

New graduate-level AI professionals


Enterprise AI moonshots launched


New open-source AI releases


Getting Started



you: how do we start?

us: we just did, let's talk in detail

Quotation mark

Most companies believe that AI leadership is out of reach. I co-founded the appliedAIstudio because I know that it's not.

CEO, Co-founder | Jerry Overton

Invest in Careers

It seems reasonable to decide what you want and pay for the talent you need. But that talent is rented. You'll lose them if your circumstances change or a higher bidder comes along. But when you invest in someone's career, they invest back. They look for reasons to stay. They refer friends. Employee careers are the best investments we can make.

Invest in Moonshots

For us, incremental analytics projects aren't a safe bet.  At best, they slow decline. At worst, they fail to inspire the commitment we need to survive unexpected problems. Aspiring  AI moonshots are actually less risky. They attract talent and inspire commitment. Failing to reach the moon still gets us pretty far.

Learn to Fish

We don't compete with your analytics department. We don't upsell to technology or billable hours. We've won when you can build whatever AI you want, whenever you want. We leave you with a high-functioning team. Our goal is to give you more than an AI product. Our goal is to give you command over the technology.

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So many of my favorite projects stalled. I co-founded the appliedAIstudio to help companies build AI teams, so that favorite projects launch instead of stall.

COO, Co-founder | Logan Wilt

You Have to See it

​It's hard to describe what we do in the studio.  It's hard to describe why the studio is better than individual hires, training alone, or paying consultants. It's hard to describe how the studio gives you a sustainable competitive advantage. So we show you.

Drexel University

We've partnered with Drexel University. The studio is 5,000 square feet of space co-located in Drexel's College of Computing and Informatics. 

The Tour

​​We give you a tour of the studio. You'll spend a day imagining your AI moonshot. We talk, eat, and share the energy at the university. 


During the tour we take the time to imagine the ideal ways that artificial intellgence can help you. 

A Good Fit

If you're looking for a new way to stand out, we might be the place. If you meet us and we resonate, it's probably a fit.

One of Us

If you made it this far, you're probably one of us. Here's our best advice.

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