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Artificial intelligence can help feed people. We throw away a lot of food (about 1/3 of all food produced). Meanwhile more than 10% of us experience hunger. Our AI anticipates wasted food, arranges for that food to be donated, and gives food suppliers the documentation needed to claim deductions for the donation. Food suppliers reduce waste and people in need get fed.



Artificial intelligence can help create safe homes. Ninety percent of older adults want to remain at home as they age. But daily tasks taken for granted when we're younger (mobility, food, hygiene) become difficult for the elderly or disabled. Our AI actively pursues the goal of making home a safe, protective environment. It rallies devices, services, and people on your behalf. Your home looks after you.

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the studio

We create Human-centered artificial intelligence. Human-centered AI builds practical solutions that positively impact lives rather than optimizing processes or automating jobs. If you could make the lives of the people around you better with smart machines, what would you build? We decided to build AI to help feed people and make homes safer for the elderly and disabled.

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the founders

We started with the mission of creating a 100-person strong artificial intelligence center of excellence. We partnered with Drexel University to give 100 employees a solid foundation in applied AI. We ended up founding the appliedAIstudio– a launch pad for transformational human-centered AI.