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No one should have to leave their home for health reasons. Imagine a safe, supportive home smart enough to mobilize care providers in response to distress signals sent from an EEG brain-computer interface.

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AI is an investment in your company. Money spent on AI could be invested elsewhere. Leaders deserve enough information to make an informed decision. AI needs someone to tell its story in a way that is compelling to decision makers.

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When we asked key stakeholders and users in our client’s company what they wanted their future to look like, we got an interesting response– “I want the system to go away.”

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We started with the mission of creating a 100-person strong artificial intelligence center of excellence. We partnered with Drexel University to give 100 employees a solid foundation in applied AI. We ended up founding the appliedAIstudio– a launch pad for transformational human-centered AI.

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We are delighted by your interest in the appliedAIstudio, and want to extend an invitation for you to visit with us. We can learn about how you want AI to transform your future, and you can learn about how the studio uses things like conscientious engineering to plan, scout, and deliver projects.

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