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Dr. Peter Scott-Morgan is a prominent British-American  scientist, roboticist, and author. Peter has Motor Neurone Disease (MND), a condition that has left all but his piercing gray-blue eyes paralyzed. He is told MND will destroy his nerve cells and take his life. But Peter has decided on an alternative future. He has decided to use his background in science and technology to not just survive, but to thrive. The appliedAIstuido is helping Peter and his husband Francis build Highcliff– a family home like no other. 

Highcliff will host intelligent devices that look after Peter. If Peter's biosensors suggest that his body temperature is too high, Highcliff’s AI can take the initiative to lower the room temperature and alert his healthcare providers that there may be a problem. If you visit Peter and a camera recognizes you, Highcliff can instruct Peter's avatar to greet you while letting Peter know that you've arrived. Highcliff will mobilize care providers in response to distress signals from Peter’s EEG-based brain-computer interface.

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