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06 December - 12 December, 2022

Open to everyone–students, professionals, retirees, and those unable to work due to disability– we'll build innovative assistive technology for those with severe disabilities.

We honor famed robotics scientist Dr. Peter Scott-Morgan, who was diagnosed with ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease or MND) in 2017 and sadly passed in June 2022. Hailed as “the world’s first human cyborg,” Peter advocated for bold reinventions of the future. 

Our Themes

The challenges of severe disability

06 December 2022 • Buildathon Theme

HighcliffAI in High Def

Use HighcliffAI to build a Smart Home and ensure safety and comfort for the most vulnerable members of a household.

06 December 2022 • Buildathon Theme

Health Monitoring

Modify HighcliffAI to move with, and monitor, a person when they leave their home. 

06 December 2022 • Buildathon Theme

Mobility Robotics

Use robotics, autonomous driving, and complimentary AI, to give freedom and autonomy to people with disabilities.

06 December 2022 • Buildathon Theme

Communication Methods

Develop alternative methods for people with severe disabilities to signal and communicate.

You'll have help


You'll contribute to existing systems



You can build, design, or just write



You won't start from scratch



You'll get expert mentors


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